Last Friday of the Month Cruise In

 Friday Night "Cruise In" - Last Friday of the month!

Horsepower Therapy and Rocket City Tavern have teamed up to provide a location for veterans and non veterans to cruise in, hang out, talk about cars, tell stories (lies), and enjoy each others company.

One of the primary missions of Horsepower Therapy is to provide methods and opportunities for veterans and families to be around cars and experience the benefit of horsepower therapy. What better way, locally, then to have a place to meet, greet, and be a community of veteran car owners.

Maybe you need help with a project, maybe you could use some advice on a project, or maybe you just want to show off ;-)

Come on out, stay for a little bit or stay for a while!
Let your friends know!! 

SEMA Ignited 2018

SEMA Ignited: A Celebration of the Coolest Custom Vehicles on the Planet

Auto enthusiasts and friends of Horsepower Therapy are invited to attend SEMA Ignited, the official SEMA Show after-party that connects the general public with industry leaders, celebrities and award-winning custom vehicles. The Friday night festival takes place immediately after the SEMA Show closes as hundreds of cars and trucks will parade out of the Las Vegas Convention Center and assemble at SEMA Ignited.  We will be driving our deserving veterans to SEMA Ignited in Project Crazyhorse

When purchasing tickets (click the picture above), use the CODE: HPT2018

Up Coming Events

Actions, not just words!!

Please check back often for up coming events, fund raisers, and a chance to just hang out with fellow veteran gear heads.  

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No upcoming events.