Why is Horsepower Therapy Needed?

The 2014 Department of Veterans Affairs’ study[1] on veteran suicide concluded that an average of 20 veterans a day take their own lives. In 2014, Veterans accounted for 18% of all deaths from suicide among U.S. adults, while only making up 8.5% of the US population.

That’s 7,403 veterans annually from all eras of war including WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2012, the Department of Veterans Affairs[2] reported 22 veterans lost each day to suicide, equaling a rate of 8,030 veterans annually.  While these studies show that we are losing fewer veterans each year, even one suicide is unacceptable.  More help is needed.

Veterans, visibly wounded or not, often need a way to transition from service back to “real life.”  Typically their families need assistance as well.  Finding ways to feel good can help.  Horsepower therapy is designed to help our fellow veterans through activities that revolve around horsepower and all the comfort, enjoyment, and healing it can bring.

Horsepower Therapy wants to be part of the solution by sponsoring veterans to events to get them out and enjoy a little Horsepower Therapy, and hosting events that bring veterans together to share the fellowship and comfort of a common interest.

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[2] http://www.va.gov/opa/docs/suicide-data-report-2012-final.pdf