What is Horsepower Therapy?

A message from the founder:

Horsepower therapy means different things to different people.  For me, a career Special Operations Aviator, horsepower therapy refers to the benefit that my hobby motorcycles and cars have brought me over the years as I’ve watched, designed, tinkered, wrenched, raced, motored with friends or just driven off by myself to hear the sound of the road.

Horsepower therapy also includes the comfort of sinking into a challenging car project, watching the road unfold ahead, or spending countless hours standing and sitting around with buddies talking through the smallest details of what we have done and dream of doing with horsepower.

Horsepower therapy can be found in the sound of the engine, the vibration of a wide-open throttle, the rush of speed, or even seeing the lines of a beautiful design.  Horsepower therapy simply feels good.