It’s been a July of Action

We have had a very busy and productive summer so far.  In July, Horsepower Therapy hosted three deserving veterans to events around the country.  We still have a couple months left to summer to see what we can get done.

Actions, not just words.

We kicked off July with the HPT crew heading up to Battle Creek Michigan for the Battle Creek Speedfest and Air Show. What an amazing event! There we had the privilege to host John Santa Ana, who is an U.S. Army veteran. John sped down the track in his super-fast Mercedes AMG rockin the HPT logo.


We followed that trip with a short drive up the road to Bowling Green Kentucky for Camaro Fest 7. This is an event I have been to many times as a participant, and always an amazing event with outstanding rides. This year, with the help of the organizers of Camaro Fest, we were able to setup a booth and sponsor another deserving veteran to the event. Jessica Stith, a U.S. Navy veteran and her husband joined us for a day of fun and fellowship. With the help of Magnuson Superchargers and JP Superior Solutions we were able to show Jessica what Horsepower Therapy was all about with a few hot laps around the autocross track. Her huge smile says it all!

A quick turn brought us back the very next weekend, at the invitation of Magnuson Superchargers, to Car Craft Summer Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Thanks to their invite we were able to invite Ian Penix, another U.S. Army veteran, out for our brand of therapy.  Magnuson treated him to more than a few hot laps around the track. He was hooked!! He left knowing it was going to be an expensive weekend, he was sold on the need for a project car to get in his own Horsepower Therapy.

We left each event with more folks representing with an HPT logo/sticker on their helmets and cars. All of this would not be possible without the generous and humbling donations we have received to date. Thanks you!

What’s still on tap for us?? This weekend we are heading over to the Atlanta Georgia area for LS Expo, at Summit Racing sponsored by our friends at Vengeance Racing. They have invited us over to setup, and help spread the word about our mission and what we are doing for veterans. Also, as some may have seen on the website, we have started a new Last Friday of the Month “Cruise in” in Huntsville Alabama to give the local veterans and non-veterans a location to come and hang out, and tell stories (lies)

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