New Year -and a new direction for HPT

Happy New Year from Horsepower Therapy!!

The New Year brings a new direction for Horsepower Therapy. I hope you read this message, all the way to the end. This may be a little long, but I had to get this out there…

As many of you know, occasionally people ask me what’s with the name – what is Horsepower Therapy? Those of you that know me understand Horsepower Therapy is more than just a catchy name, it truly has been and continues to provide me with an important release, and it really is a type of therapy for me. As a career Special Operations Aviator, Horsepower Therapy refers to the benefit that my hobby motorcycles and cars have brought me over the years as I’ve watched, designed, tinkered, wrenched, raced, motored with friends or just driven off by myself to hear the sound of the road.

Horsepower Therapy also includes the comfort of sinking into a challenging car project, watching the road unfold ahead, or spending countless hours standing and sitting around with buddies talking through the smallest details of what we have done and dream of doing with horsepower.

I’ve found Horsepower Therapy in the sound of the engine, the vibration of a wide-open throttle, the rush of speed, or even just seeing the lines of a beautiful design. Horsepower Therapy simply feels good, and I’ve come to realize that I want to help my fellow soldiers and veterans by making Horsepower Therapy available to them.

I started thinking about how I could do this in 2016, as I read and heard about various efforts aimed at helping veterans, and as I started following studies about veteran suicide. I was particularly taken by the 2014 Department of Veterans Affairs’ study on veteran suicide that found that an average of 20 veterans a day take their own lives. In 2014, veterans only comprised 8.5% of the US population, yet accounted for 18% of all adult deaths from suicide. These statistics speak volumes about what must change.
As we begin a new year, it just feels like the right time to change the direction of Horsepower Therapy to try and make a difference for US veterans. I truly feel that Horsepower Therapy can help my fellow veterans through activities that revolve around horsepower and all the comfort, enjoyment, and healing it can bring.


I would appreciate any help you can send my way.
Thanks to everyone!

One thought on “New Year -and a new direction for HPT

  1. It is a honor and privilege to serve our countries finest Warriors and their families. I would like to thank Brian for all his hard work in getting our vision up and going. I look forward to getting folks in my car “Irene” for some fast times here in Texas! NSDQ! SGDM!

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